Ultimate Key to Earn Customer's Trust

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Before I go further explaining what's the key to earning customers' trust, we need to establish why is it important to earn customers' trust in the first place?

The mistake I made when I first start doing business is I thought having great value products is enough. So I spent most of my time sourcing for high quality products for Aqmarithm and show-casting to the world how our collections of accessories are the bomb dot com.

The truth is, people do not buy things 100% because they are good product - that factor only contributes to about 30%.

People actually buy things because they trust the brand. Or the seller.

That's another 70%.

I'll repeat what I just wrote again to make this point clearer because this is the most important key in doing business. I'm not saying having high quality products are unimportant. It's very crucial to have great value products in your business.

The thing is, in today's modern world, everyone can copy you and sell the exact same great value products too. What will set you apart then and make customers buy from you? 

"By earning their trust."

When they trust you, they will choose you amongst others and buy your products. And later, when they receive your products and discover how great value they are, imagine how strong the trust bond will be. That customer will automatically becomes a repeating customer. That's why I said having great value products are very crucial as well.

But customers won't discover how great value your products are had they not chose to buy your products in the beginning.

So first step to do: earn your customers' trust.

Because trust will lead to loyalty. And that's the quintessential of successful business. Having loyal customers is the peak. When you gain loyal customers, you know you will get a constant sales revenue (given you deliver your products at a consistent quality as well). You will also get a free marketing from these loyal customers as they will rave about your brand to their circles, trying to convert them into being your loyal customers too.

The perfect example for this case study is Apple. Apple's customers trust the brand so much they did not even need to see the product, just by hearing the news of upcoming product, they have already prepared their savings to purchase whatever is launching. Why? Because they trust Apple will definitely deliver great value products.

Even though there may be other brand producing better and faster technology, they will still trust Apple to come out with the best product as they have developed a loyalty to Apple. That's the power of trust.


Now, we have establish the importance of earning customers' trust, let's discuss on the "How".

How to earn customers' trust?

There are actually many manyy ways to earn customers' trust. I will be writing one for now that I truly believe is the ultimate key. I said, truly believe, because this is the one I used to earn my customers' trust and this has helped jumpstart my business in the beginning, and that is:


Depending on your nature of business, you will either get feedbacks from customers or receive results. Either way, you need to show-cast all that in maximum effort.

Show how happy and satisfied your customers are with their purchase. People are attracted to know what others think. Hundreds of case study are done on this topic and the result is the same: People are more likely to choose Brand A compared to Brand B if Brand A receives better feedback.

So spend your energy and time gathering all the feedbacks from your customers. Politely ask them what they honestly feel about your products. And broadcast them all on your platform. When potential customers see all these feedbacks, they will feel like they can relate to your existing customers and would like to experience the same by purchasing your products too. 

(Do not create fake feedbacks. Customers will know. Aqmarithm has never posted any fake feedbacks from customers.)

But what if you are at the start of your business and nobody has ever bought your product yet? How can you show any feedbacks and earn your customers' trust?

Well, you can show-cast customers' feedbacks on your good customer service. Whenever a customer makes an inquiry, give your absolute best service to the point they will leave a remarks like "Thanks for the fast reply!" or "Thanks for the great recommendations and assistance in helping me choose which item to purchase!"

These are very valuable feedbacks. When you show-cast feedbacks like these, other customers automatically would not hesitate to contact you because now they're developing a trust on you.

Here are some example of feedbacks we posted on our instagram @aqmarithm







When you keep on show-casting your customers' feedbacks like this, other customers would naturally be happy to join in the fun by giving their feedbacks too without being asked. That's the sign of trust leading to loyalty :)


Like I said earlier, there are many manyy ways to earn customers' trust. This is one of them. Would you like to know some more other ways? Let me know! 

Also, do share this to others who need to know about this ultimate key in building customers' trust. Spread the love!

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